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About Us

BEG FOR EDEN was founded in Autumn1986 by Peter Messina and
Jacques Cohen at SUNY New Paltz.
The band, initially a 2-piece was
called SURGERY in their
upstate NY incarnation, and spent a
time playing
and recording in the Mid-Hudson
Valley area of New Paltz and
Poughkeepsie. In 1988, the
band moved to NYC and for a
time wrote and practiced on Staten
Island, before moving to Manhattan.
Greg Scott, a native of Staten Island
was asked to join the band in early
1988 at which time the band
became BEG FOR EDEN for the
release of the, THE STARK ELUSIVE
12\" EP. (Also to avoid
confusion with the garage band called
Surgery that had released a 7-inch
single a few months prior on AmRep).

Shortly after the release of THE
Rob Hale (of Versus) came on to play
drums and played with the band in
1990 and most of1991 until John Dale
(of Hell in a Handbasket and The
Dustdevils) took over that role and
recorded on the never released
<em>'Find Our Hearts Again',</em>
Beg For Eden's second
ep recorded in the Spring / Summer of
1992 .

through that time with bands likeThe
Jesus Lizard,
The Ex
and The Fluid. They also played The
Pyramid, Space at Chase and
Downtown Beirut. and were asked to
the Jesus and Mary Chain at The
Chance Theatre in Poughkeepsie on

Although <em>The Stark
Elusive</em> was their first vinyl
release, as they self-released three
full length cassettes as SURGERY.
The newer material from
<em>Find Our Hearts Again,</em> as
well as
many other songs will be made
available in the near future, as time
allows. [Please check back here or on
Twitter, @BegForEden.]

BEG FOR EDEN ended it's mission
in 1993.

Greg Scott proceeded to release
much influential POWER
ELECTRONICS in various guises
projects including Hydra with Peter
(playing improvisational live shows)
and Jacques (producing), as well as,
other highly regarded PE projects:
IDS, Intrinsic Action and The Final
Solution 7-

He passed away in 2003.

Jacques Cohen went on to
distinguish himself on countless
recordings acting as
producer and engineer with many
band at his much beloved The Space
Studio in Poughkeepsie, NY.

Jacques passed away from a brain
aneuryism on March
31, 2012.

Peter Messina went on to form The
Shipwreckers (1999-2003).

He currently lives in
Brooklyn and is working on his writing
and playing hide and seek with his
four year old daughter.

This material is being made available
in honor of Greg and Jacques, who always
found their hearts again...

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