Hands Flail (Explicit)

from The Stark Elusive

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Download Now Also known as\" The Fuck You Song,\" by the band and it's fans, this is perhaps one of Beg For Eden's most brutally repetitive and aggressive songs and a mission statement and declaration of intent, meant to dynamite a path through the mountain of morbid self-absorption and cut through the self-congratulatory deadening material narcissism taking place on Wall Street during the Reagan-era 80s. (The lyrics were written in 1986). It's a harsh song for certain, but it was meant to fully clear the aural palatte as it seemed the only honest way to try and move towards something more vital and real and affecting and chasing bad spirits away ready to prey on fragile things. \"Hands flail\" although an anomaly in it's harsh crassness needed to be the first track on the ep, but it would be a false impression to listen to the song without listening to the whole EP, specifically the next song, and single on The Stark Elusive: **BLINK** PLEASE DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS WITHOUT LISTENING TO THE NEXT SONG: BLINK Thank you. *Radio Stations: Beware explosive expletives. *High quality 320kbps mp3 download*


You can hit me You can f_ck me If it makes you feel better... See my hands flail pathetically See my hands flail pathetically I live in some pure pathetic illusion.


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Hands Flail (Explicit)
Hands Flail (Explicit)
  • Hands Flail (Explicit)

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